From traditional beats to contemporary sounds, Putumayo’s Asia collection takes the listener on a captivating musical journey through time and ancient lands.  If you’re looking to buy Asian music online, this collection is a must have for any cultural creative person looking to add mesmerising vocals and gentle beats to their music collection.

Join us on a journey to explore the depths and traditional vocals and instruments of Asia. From Japan, China, Korea, Nepal and India, you’re guaranteed to find a sound that awakens and soothes your soul.  

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Indian groove
Traditional Indian flavors meet electronica on this fascinating musical masala! ..
Ex Tax: $23.59
A captivating musical masala featuring mesmerizing vocals and gentle beats. Putumayo World Music ..
Ex Tax: $23.59
Turn down the lights and relax to the tranquil melodies of beautiful lullabies and soothing songs fr..
Ex Tax: $23.59
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